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Enter multiple url's, assign them weights, and we'll generate your link! Use it for split testing landing pages, thank you pages, media buys, images and more! Optimize your campaigns quickly and make more money.

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Marketers are tired of expensive tracking platforms when all they need is a quick and easy way to run their split tests. With RedirectWizard, you can streamline all of your split testing needs within seconds.

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  • Thank You Pages
  • Media Buy Landers
  • Media Buy TY Page Offers
  • Selling Clicks & Traffic
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Easy URL Input

Simply enter the URLs you want to include in your rotation. Whether it's different landing pages, thank you pages, email marketing links, or anything else, add them and use the RedirectWizard link.

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Dynamic Redirection

With Redirect Wizard, you get a unique redirect URL that dynamically rotates your URLs. Each time someone clicks on the redirect URL, they will be redirected to a different link from your list based on your % weights.

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Flexibility and Control

Easily update, add, or remove URLs from your rotation as you optimize your marketing. Add new URLs to test against your proven ones by simply assigning them a small % of the redirect weight.

How Redirect Wizard Benefits You:

The most powerful services for Link redirection.


Faster Split Tests

Enter one redirect URL into your marketing campaign and start optimizing instantly!


Automation Wins

Forget about manually updating landing pages, thank you pages or your media buys. Our link does all the work and gives you analytics.


One Simple Dashboard

Quickly monitor all of your split tests from one dashboard and make real time changes without touching your marketing.


Make More Money

When you can optimize your split test campaigns in seconds, all from one spot, you will make more money.

Plans and Pricing

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0/ month

  • Redirect Campaigns: 4
  • Redirect url's Per Campaign: 3
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plan Marketer

$6.97/ month

  • Redirect Campaigns: 25
  • Redirect url's Per Campaign: 6
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plan Agency

$10.97/ month

  • Redirect Campaigns: 100
  • Redirect url's Per Campaign: 10
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frequently asked questions

Find Answers to Your Questions Instantly

What Is Redirect Wizard?

Redirect Wizard is a simple Free tool that marketers use to optimize all of their marketing campaigns. You can rotate multiple URLs in your email marketing, media buys, websites or anything that allows you to place a URL.

How Do I Create Redirect URL?

You can click to "Signup" or create a unique redirect URL using the form at the top of the home page. Creating an account is optional, but recommended since it's currently Free. There's no credit card required at any time unless you prefer to upgrade.

How Does The Link Switch?

Each campaign you create has a unique link that you will place. Each link is made up of the URLs you assigned, along with the % of weight you give them. The link will randomly rotate and display the URLs based on the % weight you assign.

What Information Does RedirectWizard Track?

Currently Redirect Wizard will keep track of all your campaigns and redirect links, Total Clicks, Unique Clicks, ISP's of users, Location of users and the Browser of users.